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Awnings & Canopies Scotland

Awnings & Canopies

We have a wide selection of awnings and canopies that include; dutch canopies, cassette awnings, open awnings, semi cassette, free standing awnings, terrace covers, vertical screens, drop arm awnings, traditional victorian awnings and cafe barriers.

Window Film Scotland

Window Film

We have a wide selection of window film products such as; safety and security film, solar window film, decorative window film, privacy window film and energy saving film.

Graphics & Manifestations

Graphics & Manifestations

Our graphics is a custom made designs service that can be applied to windows, walls, doors, units and floors. All graphics apply to latest DDA regulations and laws and are applied by our experienced installation team.

Wall Coverings

Decor-X Coverings

We have a wide selection of Decor-x self adhesive decorative wall coverings to choose from including; natural wood, colours, metalized, embossed, carbon, leather, glitter, marble and brick wall coverings.

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