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Decor-X Wall Coverings by the Deans Group

Wall Coverings Glasgow ScotlandFabric & Film Adhesive Decorative Wall Coverings

Decor-X is a wide selection of fabric & film adhesive wall coverings that can be applied to walls, panels, doors, tables, units, desks, mirrors, lifts, receptions, vehicles etc to give a high impact decorative effect. These modern Wall Coverings are perfect for public places, hotels, restaurants, office buildings, banks, hospitals, agencies, rail, sea transport – create natural effects today, our team of installers can have your place transformed quickly, easily and with little disruption.


Choose from a Wide Selection of Finishes, Materials and Effects

  • Natural Wood Effect Wall Coverings
  • Coloured Wall Coverings
  • Metalized Wall Coverings
  • Embossed, Carboned Wall Coverings
  • Leather Type Wall Coverings
  • Glittered Wall Coverings
  • Marble, Bricks Wall Coverings

Many of our customers choose our coverings to avoid buying brand new office furniture etc, you can achieve a new fresh look at a fraction of the cost by choosing our decorative wall coverings. Here is some of our more recent work:

Decor-X Wall Coverings applied to WALLS

Decor-X Wall Coverings applied to DOORS

Decor-X Wall Coverings applied to OTHER APPLIANCES