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Energy Saving Window Film Scotland


Energy Saving Window Film Installation Glasgow & Scotland

The Deans Group Ltd are one of Scotland’s top window film installers. Our work force travel the length and breadth of Scotland working with businesses, organisations and government departments and agencies installing our wide selection of window film. Find out more about our window films.

Energy Saving Window Film

“Going green” is a phrase commonly heard throughout the world in current times, and with the application of one of our Energy Saving films you can safely say you’re taking part. Using our highest performing ICE COOL 70 film you could see a reduction of solar heat gain through your glass by 82%. This brings with it substantial savings in energy, both during the hot summer and cold winter months.

The costly use of air cooling systems can be substantially reduced, but during the cold, the opposite will happen. As this film is designed to reject a proportion of heat, it will reflect heat back from the glass and into the room, improving your comfort and minimising waste heat emissions. Due to these savings this film has an impressively short payback period of around 18 months, with the savings continuing on well into the full life of the film.