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Glass Safety Film & Security Window Film


Safety & Security Window Film Installation Glasgow & Scotland

The Deans Group Ltd are one of Scotland’s top window film installers. Our work force travel the length and breadth of Scotland working with businesses, organisations and government departments and agencies installing our wide selection of window film. Find out more about our window films.

Glass Security Film

Deans Group Limited has a range of security window films that can help reduce the risk of an intruder entering your home, shop, office or factory.

Security window films applied to your existing glass windows can reduce the ability of a person being able to enter through a buildings glazing. They do this by Holding the Glass Together, the window film will act as a fail safe in the case of the glass shattering, holding the fragments in place and preventing entry. Glass, particularly toughened glass is far more fragile than people are lead to believe. Using the correct equipment a person can easily cause a toughened glass pane to completely shatter within seconds, opening up a potential point of entry into your premises. Due to our films being flexible they are not subject to shattering and therefore are the ideal solution to intruder protection.

There are many types of these films available depending on your individual circumstances.

Please call us on 0141-952-0000 and we will be able to give you further advice on security window films.
Free quotations and samples are available on request.

>>> Security & Safety Glass Window Film Video

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Glazing Retention Systems

The correct edge-retention system for your requirements;

When glass fails, it presents two major hazards. Flying shards of glass can become lethal projectiles capable of cause severe harm to occupants and bystanders. In addition, glazed panes witch have been breached leave your building and the people inside open to the elements and unsecured.

Rigid metal Edge-Retention System

A retro-fit solution incorporation a high strength adhesive bonding agent with metal frame structure. This system has been designed to absorb and transfer impact load energy evenly across the system without deterioration, helping to retain glass fragments and reduce the possibility of injury.

Our Dymond Defender Rigid System, in conjunction with our safety window films or existing compliant safety window film installations help to ensure resistance to repeated attack, whether in the event of an attempted break-in and security threat, Blast Mitigation, Nickel-Sulphide inclusion or windborne debris.

Flexible Edge-Retention System

A flexible system designed to absorb and dissipate an impacts energy load, providing enhanced protection to the occupants of the building.

>>> Rigid Metal Edge Retention System – Showing With & Without Film

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With the ever increasing threat of terrorism, Deans Group have developed a range of blast protective window films and edge retention systems, tested and approved to ISO 16933.

Our range of window films offer immediate and long term protection by holding the shattered glass together, and with the added benefit of our edge retention systems which hold the glass within the frame, thus reducing the possibility of injury or damage caused by flying shards of glass.

Within our range of blast mitigation films, Deans have combination solar/security window films that give you the added benefit of reducing solar heat and glare whilst still protecting your premises, workforce in the event of an explosion, attempted forced entry or accidental impact.

With little disruption during the installation process, Deans Group glass protection systems can normally be applied during working hours and are a cost effective solution to blast protection.

>>> Standard Glass – No Retention (Dangerous)

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Glass Safety Film

Deans Group Limited supply and install all grades of glass safety window films to your existing glass. Unsecured glass can be a potential major hazard to a buildings occupants and bystanders.

If glass is broken, the sharp shards of glass can cause serious injury to persons exposed, due to the properties of glass it is very easy for it to shatter and produce extraordinarily sharp edges. Safety window films can help to minimise this risk. It is a legal health & safety requirement that certain areas of public buildings, including the workplace and schools, must meet a minimum safety standard for installed glass. 

Building Regulations: Approved Document N, states that any glass within critical locations needs to be secured and tested to a minimum approved standard. Approved glass may still fail, as long as when it fails, it does not present a major hazard.

If your windows and doors are not made from laminated or toughened glass, approved to this standard, it either needs to be replaced by appropriate materials or it needs to be upgraded, this can be done by using one of our many safety films. Having a window film applied far less expensive and faster to implement than replacement glass. Once professionally installed by our trained staff, the safety window film upgrades the glass to BS EN 12600 – previously BS6206.

We can apply a watermark to every installed piece of window film to confirm the standard that it meets.

Approved Document N – Regulation 14

Critical Locations that need to have a safety window film applied are any glass in doors or side panels up to 1500mm from the floor and any other low level glass that fall within 800mm from the floor. If any part of the glass falls within these areas, window film needs to be applied to the whole of the pane.


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